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Giggle of the Day, Part 1:

Go here.

Giggle of the Day, Part 2:

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Yep. That's me most Mondays...

Giggle of the Day, Part 3:

Go here. Then go over here and tell Beth how much you enjoy her work!

Ass-Burgers? I've met more than a few folks who could claim the same...

Quote of the Day:
Just tell me one thing why is so much money being spent on Portapotties in Washington DC? Who is going to need them? After all, as soon as the 44th president is inaugurated, sunshine is going to start beaming out of our collective national ass.

Isn't it?

Leanne is calling for entries in her graphite portrait give-away contest number 4. Go on! Enter! You know you want to.

A meme, swiped from Richmond:

Five Things You Will NEVER Hear Me Say:

Bungee jumping? Count me in.

No thanks -- I couldn't possibly read another book.

Bartender! Another round of Ouzo!

Whaddaya mean there's no topless bar dancing? Gimme a boost and I'LL show you topless bar dancing. (Preceded immediately by "Bartender! Another round of Ouzo!")

Pinot Noir? I'm SO over that.

Ear Worm of the Day:



CharlieDelta said...

Kitty looks pissed! My kind of cat...

Walrilla said...

Hey! Hey, hey, hey! no dissing on the Ouzo! Dat's some good stuff! I don't go talkin' smack about your spoiled grape juice, now, do I?

Omnibus Driver said...

I've got no problems with Ouzo... as long as I'm not the one drinking it. It's not bad stuff... it's just not for me.