Leslie's Omnibus


If Charlie Delta had a cat, it would have a purrsonality like this:


This is how my day has gone:

How was yours?


JihadGene said...

Subwoofer cat rules!

Nancy said...

You're right on the money about CD.. only his cat would have a beer nearby too...

word verification: pregredo...sounds like an Italian dish..

CharlieDelta said...

Leslie, these cat pics/vids have me in stiches. I can't stop laughing!

JihadGene, I have to beg to differ! Toilet-flushin' cat rules!

Maybe Subwoofer cat and Toilet-flushing cat can combine their skills and win a gold in Synchronized Sub-Flushing...

THAT would be cool!

Bunker has been tryin' to knock my beers over all night long. How did you know, and what did you tell her?