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Traveling Companions

I don't second guess my decisions, but that doesn't mean I don't ever have regrets. My biggest one at the moment? That Tiger Boots and I aren't traveling down the same road any more.

You are missed, you silly little kitty.

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Gigolo Kitty said...

Wait, what happened to Tiger Boots?

Omnibus Driver said...

Nothing happened to Tiger Boots -- she just had to stay and keep the Buckaroo company when he and I parted ways. I miss her like crazy.

Dana said...

How is Ms.Marilyn doing???

How are YOU doing??


Gigolo Kitty said...

Phew! GK was giving me shitty looks when I told him Miss Marilyn and Tiger Boots were not around to cater to him.

Seriously, that kitty needs to get smacked around more. Perhaps Missy needs to pay a visit again with her bag of handcuffs.