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Chartered Excursions -- Chicago

It's official -- there will be a Chicago blogmeet the weekend of July 14, 15 and 16. Now the questions are...

How many out-of-towners will be attending? Locals?

How many folks, local or otherwise, will need a hotel room?

Do you want to be in or near Chicago itself so that if you're not one those who want to go out to the sticks and play with toys that go "bang," we can shop Michigan Ave. or State Street, find a museum or go on an architectural tour boat ride?

Would you rather stay somewhere where the rooms are cheaper and we can't escape from one another. (Hey! We are the entertainment!)

I need quick answers so I can block hotel rooms for those that need 'em!


I wonder if we could entice V-Man to attend if I bribed him with one of these:

(I was the one who supplied the cowbell, you know!)


Pammy said...

Awwwww, dang it. We'll be in Missouri, rafting.

I always miss out on the good stuff. (sigh)

One a these days....

Dude said...

I think you're just gunna have to make up their minds for them.

As for me, I'm just in it for the beer. And to see Og on that 125cc.

Teresa said...

As I told Og - drat it all anyway - I'm going to be in Chicago this weekend. He posted about the meet one WEEK after I made my reservations... I have the worst timing I think. You all have fun.

og said...

So what bar are you buying in saturday, Teresa?

I am beginning to like the idea of shooting on saturday, dinner saturday evening, and some kind of an informal get together maybe friday for anyone who can be there. Probably makes a lot more sense.

Walrilla said...

Aw, crap. I'd love to come, but we're going on vacation two weeks later, so no spare money now. Maybe next time

Velociman said...

A smoking monkey with a fez? Mighty tempting!

og said...

You're never gonna do it
without the Fez on.

Vman, if you show, I'll see to it that you get your very own fez.

LL said...

I might be able to make the Friday night thing. My crazy mom is coming on Saturday. Just post the details and I'll see what I can swing.

Oh, and I was just in Chicago for a pleasure weekend two weeks ago and got a hotel in Schaumburg for $50 a night online. It was nice. And it was situated near every bar, restaurant, and the biggest frikkin' Mall I've ever seen. If you want the info, let me know. It's a northwestern 'burb and right on I90.