Leslie's Omnibus


It's a wonder the younger generation has any respect for my generation at all. (Shudder!)

It's going to take DAYS to get that image out of my head.

(A big "Gee, Thanks!" to J-Walk.)

Quote of the Day:

Then there are businesses such as the Ohio Cornhole Company, which sells a Premium Corn Toss Package, which includes two premium white cornhole platforms; eight corn bags; an American Cornhole Association hat; and an ACA scoreboard/beverage holder.

Now I ask you... wouldn't that hat cause some serious rubber-necking?

(And I've played this game at Big Herm's on a lovely summer evening or two.)


Anonymous said...

Dang! Cornhole is one thing, that Tiny Tim freak singin' THAT SONG, is just wrong... wrong. You should've put up a "not safe for sanity" warnin' on that puppy...


Contagion said...

I really could have gone the rest of my life with out seeing that Tiny Tim thing. Seriously, I could have.

Harvey said...

The scars... they'll never heal...