Leslie's Omnibus


That'll cause some whiplash, for sure!

To ride
Want to bike Chicago in the buff? The World Naked Bike Ride is set for Saturday in Wicker Park. Check-in begins at 6 p.m. at the fountain in Wicker Park, 1455 N. Damen Ave. The ride is set to start at 9 p.m. For more info, visit www.worldnakedbikeride.org/chicago.



og said...

naked hippies. bleagh.

Teresa said...

I'm betting more than a few people try to run them over because they're blocking traffic and making them waste time and gas!!!

Unless of course they're going to stay in the park itself and I'm not sufficiently interested to go to their site and find out. *grin*

Also, I have noticed that most people who want so desperately to take off their clothes in public are people who should never ever take off their clothes - even in front of a mirror... ick!

Key said...

That's more than exhibitionism. It's stupidity. Only air between fast moving delicate parts and asphalt? Ouch!

John Ruberry said...

Rule #1 of public nudity: The ones who take their clothes off in public shouldn't/

Rule #2 of public nudity: The ones you want to strip down don't.

Anonymous said...

... while everyone knows how much fun naked hippies are, the idea of biking naked does sound a bit dangerous....