Leslie's Omnibus


I've had another ear worm all afternoon, and it's one song I'm determined never to sing again:

Here I go down that wrong road again
Goin' back where I've already been
Even though I know where it will end
Here I go down that wrong road again

Crystal Gale. Make it stop. Please.


Harvey said...

What a GREAT time for me not to know any Crystal Gayle songs!

Of course, now I can't stop thinking about insanely-long dark hair :-)

Dana said...


Walrilla said...

Be careful what you ask for. I could inflict the Barney song, or worse. B-)>


Shep said...

A good way to dump worms is to do a Wizard of Oz medley, or parts thereof, in your head. The worm will be gone when you are done....works for me, anyway.