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A Little Reading for the Road

Christina of blog novella fame has kicked off a writing project that she calls "Take Two." She gives a thumbnail sketch of a story idea and assigns a 1000 word short story to four different bloggers each week. This week's topic was boys, baseball and a ball batted into forbidden territory.

The results are outstanding. Go on. Get your read on:

Average Tobacco Chewing Joe tells Alex's tale.

Guy S. relates Tadpole's story.

Dash presents a mighty fine hero in Jake.

That 1 Guy serves up a hair-raising tale.

Dystropoppygus knocks it out of the park Greek-style.

What? You weren't reading these guys already? I betcha will from now on.


Christina said...

Thank you!

I also have YOU on my list of unsuspecting writers.

; )

Dash said...

Thanks for the mention. It was a lot of fun. Christina is the fiction collaboration master.