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I haven't made up my mind on a presidential candidate, but I know who I'm voting for for Senator from Illinois.  I don't always agree with his politics.  In fact, I frequently don't.  But he was mentored by Paul Simon, for whom I have always had great respect.  And he reminds me a lot of Hubert Humphrey -- a far left liberal, but a damned decent human being.  (The only Democrat my mother has ever voted for, BTW.) 

I developed a lot of respect for Obama during the Ryan kerfuffle here in Illinois.  Instead of pulling out the stops and doing a lot of finger-pointing, Obama went far out of his way to stay silent on that matter.  He focused on his own campaign issues.  And he has never publicly gloated over the GOP's seeming inability to find another candidate to run against him.  The man has great character, and that's what's important to me.  I believe that he will be a credit to the State of Illinois and to the U.S. Senate when he's elected.

Somebody needs to get a grip.  And a sense of humor.  Sheesh.


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coaltech said...


Obama got to me last night -- he is a winner and when I was in IL I lived in DuPage county --nuff said. Just wish he were a Republican.