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In Memorium

It's a sad, sad day in Chicago for Cub fans. Why? Ron Santo passed away last night.

There may have been players better than him, but not many and none who loved the game more.

There may have been retired players who also turned color commentators, but none funnier... or more insightful... or more passionate.

And there is nor was a bigger fan of the Cubbies than Ron Santo.

I'll be listening to WGN Radio today, where I listened to him so many times. I learned to love baseball by listening to Pat and Ron.

Now I hope that someone in the Baseball Hall of Fame is paying attention. He should have been inducted long ago.

God speed, Ronnie. You'll be missed, and I'll think of you every time I hear the Cubs on the radio.

In the meantime, I dropped a donation over at JDRF, and I'll do it again on Opening Day in your memory.

Update: This is one weekend when I wish I had a television here at home, instead of just the radio. I'm a loyal WGN listener, and it's been all Santo all the time. WGN is a talk radio station, and one of the beautiful and heartbreaking things they've done this weekend is allow Santo's friends and fans to call and in talk about their memories of the man. Grown men and women have openly wept when talking about how he touched each of their lives. Seriously, the man was and is loved in this town.

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