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You know, I've never had any respect for Jesse Jackson, but his fame-whoring antics at Ron Santo's funeral have shown him at his most appalling.

Although he was not speaking, is not a member of his family, was never a teammate and never worked with him at WGN Radio, good ol' Jesse-The-Fame-Whore managed to get himself the prime front row and center seat that should have gone to someone -- anyone -- other than him.

Worse, as the video goes on, you can watch Ol' Fame Whore check out the camera angles and make sure he gets to glad-hand the notables.

Fortunately, the commentators and others seem to have gone out of their way not to give him the attention he so obviously desires.

What a complete and utter putz.

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Nancy said...

Houston has one name to rival Jesse's.. Sheila Jackson Lee. She shows up anywhere a camera is...the most dangerous place in any crisis, to stand is between her and a tv camera.

She attended Michael Jackson's funeral, using money that she "had access to"...

She's a camera whore in a crown weave, and wears the BRIGHTEST colors so as to be seen, easily.