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Ear Worm of the Day:

Heard in the wee small hours of the morning on the Steve & Johnnie Show. I haven't been able to shake it ever since. (And that's okay with me, because it's happy-making.)

This news makes me sad:
Eleven jobs are being cut at Brookfield Zoo to help close a $1.3 million budget shortfall.

The Chicago Zoological Society announced the staff reductions on Monday, citing budget adjustments and reductions that it says are necessary to ensure financial stability in 2011. The staff cuts bring the society’s work force to a 15-year low. The society says the staff cuts don’t include positions that deal with animal welfare or public safety.

The society also announced wage freezes for non-union workers, the elimination of paid internships along with reductions in seasonal labor, operating expenses and leadership salaries. Two yet-to-be-identified animal exhibit yards are to be closed and the animals sent to other accredited institutions.
If you've never been there, Brookfield Zoo is Lincoln Park Zoo's bigger, steroid-enhanced, simply amazing sibling. Yes, you have to pay to get in... but this is one zoo where you can't see everything in one day because of the size and scope of its exhibits.

Quote of the Day:
I looked good, especially considering I am not a spring chicken. I am an early-fall chicken.
I can identify with that!

For those of you who are more intrepid than I, I give you the Cleavage-to-Age Effectiveness Ration for Dating Sites. (Apparently I'd score high.)

You know I love a true love story:
When Nick Schmidt and Bahar Mallah were introduced, he told her he was sick.

At a bar after an Illini game on a chilly night in October 2008, she asked him why he wasn't drinking.
Cancer, he explained. That was typically when such conversations ended.

But Mallah stuck around long enough for him to ask whether he could buy her a drink instead.

"'I have cancer, but I'll buy you a drink?'" Mallah recalled saying to him. "'That's your line? That's a horrible, horrible line.'"
Get out your hankies for the rest.

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