Leslie's Omnibus

Joy to the World!

The Most Beautiful Child in the Word ("TMBCITW"):

The Most Precious Angel Ever ("TMPAE"):

Little Miss Mischief ("LMM"):

Mr. Monkey Toes:

One most happy Nana and pal:

My Christmas was full of magic. And yours?


Joan of Argghh! said...

Totally jealous!

I did buy my D.I.L. a Kindle. It was worth every penny to see her shriek. She reads about 10 books a month, so this was like giving crack to a wino.

It was all good, with a few stolen hours of warm sunlight on the boat. Gonna snow any minute now.

Merry Christmas, Leslie!

Omnibus Driver said...

Thanks, Joanie!

Glad your DIL loves her Kindle. Take a tip from me, and add a reading light to her Christmas list for next year. I just got one from those same wonderful bosses who gifted me with the Kindle last year, and it's WONDERFUL.

Hope you, the Jolly Roger and the rest of your nearest and dearest had a wonderful Christmas, as well!

Mrs. Who said...

Love the pictures of all your special Christmas angels! May the new year bless y'all with goodness.

diamond dave said...

Aww, how cute. That first one made me think of a particular Charlie Rich song.

Hope Santa was good to all of you!

Nancy said...

what a lovely bunch of lovies!! I am very jealous!