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Milk Run - BlogHer 2010

On my Metra Route, a milk run has no express runs -- it hits every stop.

Here's almost every stop I made today:

Lunch with the lovely and talented Miss Nancy, as well as: Eliana, Emily, Laura (who has great ideas for where to eat on the cheap in NYC), Veronique (a crafty, wonderful lady who my nieces would adore!), Sandy and this lovely lady, who shares little but the twinkle in her eye.

A run through the downstairs swag hall -- SOYJOY bars, including the new banana one that's not even out on the market yet (Hi, Kendra!), Weebles!, live Mrs. Potato Head (pictures to come), eye makeover thanks to Debra Macki, interesting conversation regarding HPV testing with cervical cancer survivor and all around great chick Christine Baze, Poppin' Fresh the Pillsbury Dough Boy and the dog from Marmaduke (pictures to come), an offer from Jenn Foreacre to blog about her most interesting products from time to time and in any fashion I felt comfortable (okay, it was this post that prompted that offer), enough Eucerin products to moisturize an entire tribe of Bedouins, a lovely service dog, personalized Dora the Explorer tee shirts for my nieces (Crap! Reminder to self to go pick them up in the a.m.), Laughing Cow cheese (which is sitting in the mini fridge, and will be breakfast on Sunday)... okay -- enough already!


More tomorrow...

I'm about to fall over from exhaustion!

But I did want to give a shout out to our waiter Alex at Le Brasserie de Maison. He was the capper on our most lovely day!

And Miss Nancy says she loves having cocktails getting tipsy with me. Like I'm the bad influence or something...

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