Leslie's Omnibus

Hold the Bus!

New York is expensive:

1 Panasonic 45-200 mm lens

1 Digital Advance High Definition DLSR Pro MC AF Digital Wide Converter w/Macro 0.48X52 mm lens

1 52 mm PC filter

1 62 mm PC filter

1 Courier camera case

1 lens cleaning kit (which was what I went in here for. All I went in there for, actually.)


I knew this would happen. I just didn't know it would happen so soon.

It's all Nancy's fault.


Joanie said...

I would have recommended B&H's ginormous store, but if you got something cool at Broadway, woo hoo! Congrats. And I do believe that answered my "what did you get yourself for your birthday" question.

Omnibus Driver said...

It's an illness, isn't it? It causes your brains to leak out of your ears and your checkbook to spring open...