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Someone ripped a page right out of The Princess Mom's Big Book of Logic and Guilt Trips (TM):
"If something happens to me on the weekend and I die, you’ll be hearing from me!"

I've got bacon on the brain:

Another reason I'm bad at the dating game? I think this is hilarious... and true.

And I want one of these kits to embroider and hang in my cube...

(Found here, which has lots more really cool stuff, most of which I want.)

For my friend Barrie, and anyone else who is Facebook-challenged, heres a link to show you how to disable that pesky Facebook Places.

I'd really like to know just how Philadelphia is going to enforce this $300 blogging fee. It'll cost more to enforce than it would in fees, one would think.

Alligator or crocodile, it's pretty darned certain this gives Jimbo one more reason to never visit New York City or Chicago.

I can see this law working for pet stores, but animal shelters and animal control facilities?
As of Jan. 1, pet stores, animal shelters and control facilities must disclose on the cages of dogs and cats the name and location of their breeders, as well as the animal's medical history.
How in the heck is an animal shelter going to get breeder information and medical history on strays? On pets dumped on their doorsteps? On mixed breed strays? Breeders who've moved? Died? Gone out of business?
Fines for disobeying the new law can cost up to $1,000 and include mandatory probation.
Will this new legislation lead to more euthanization because it's easier and cheaper to euthanize than it is to comply with this well-meaning, but next to impossible to comply with law?

Ear Worm of the Day:

Brought to you by the Danish family walking behind me this morning on their way to the Willis (Sears) Tower Observatory. Imagine this with a heavy Scandanavian accent and then you'll understand why it's been stuck in my head all day!


The Meezers or Billy said...

bacon makes everything better!

Cordovan said...

I love that song! And somehow while surfing your site, I ended up researching colonial soap making. How the Hades does that work?? lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les but I'm sure that I'll eventually quit Facebook, like I did before!

How said for Philly - it is a great city full of US history on every block - if only it wasn't for corrupt govt!! They were all hopeful of a new mayor, but that didn't seem to help.

Of course I love the dutch - back from my years at ABN and way back at ATT when I worked with some in FL. They were good capitalists that's why they came here.

Miss you,