Leslie's Omnibus

Photo Op

I've got a ton of pictures and lots of stories, but, for now, a few photos from our last day in NYC.

The lovely Miss Nancy, waiting for Erica to call.

Moments later, our favorite Brooklyn Jooette arrives!

And we're off to Central Park to give our cameras a workout!

But first... a hot dog break:

I will treasure this shot, from Erica's lens, as a memory of this wonderful day.



peedee said...

Your workin that new camera girl!! Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

Erica said...

I had a fantastic time seein' the two of youse. We'll do it again.

Joanie said...

The shot of the boats blurred with the nice foreground...love it!

Elisson said...

Great photos... and clearly, a Great Time. I am envious!