Leslie's Omnibus


I took one look at this LOMME sleeping pod and all I could think was, "Man! If you tried just about anything but the missionary position in that thing you'd probably end up with one hell of a concussion."

But maybe it's just me...

That's a Fact, Jack:

It's happy-making.

Sweet heavenly Lord!

I'm off to BlogHer '10 first thing in the morning. I'm rooming with the lovely and talented Miss Nancy. I'll be catching up with Fausta and Tanis and Mamacita and more. And new friends -- I'm sure there'll be plenty of those, too.

Miss Nancy and I are also staying an extra day and planning a little site-seeing. Or maybe MOMA or the Cloisters or... who knows?

We also hope to catch up with our favorite Blownstarred, Blown-Eyed Blodger from Sheepshead Bay.

I'm like a little kid on Christmas Eve -- I doubt I'll sleep much tonight!

Ear Worm of the Day:

Yep. That's the ticket!


Harper said...

Safe travels!

That sleeping pod thing looks like what Mork came to Earth in.

Mike said...

A concussion? My you're ... energetic!

Rave said...

I agree, Mork like and energetic! LOL

Hey- we still on for Tuesday afternoon/early evening? :)

Omnibus Driver said...

Yes, indeed. Energetic. Enthusiastic. And seeing Rave on Tuesday!

Omnibus Driver said...

Nanu, nanu.

Mike said...


Omnibus Driver said...

That's for tootin', Skippy.

Erica said...

Good God, I am trying to figure out (because my SiteMeter doesn't give me referral stats) how in hell I got 716 hits the other day...it's your fault! :)

Joanie said...

That vid of the big cats was purrrfect!