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Sign of the Times


Update: I got a birthday bonus from my girl Betty and my guy Craig!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Love your pictures of New York. -Alicia

Anonymous said...

I know your b-day is wonderful since you started celebrating in NYC. Happy Birthday from both of us and the boys!
Love, Judy

Kevin said...

Have a great one!

Joanie said...

When you come to Vegas, we shall celebrate again here. Deal?

Omnibus Driver said...

Alicia -- There are LOTS more pictures where those came from! (Speaking of pictures, did the muralist finish?)

Judy -- Hugs to everyone in Shell Knob!

Kevin -- You bet!

Joanie -- Deal.

peedee said...

Happy Birfenday!!!!!!!! Hope its wonderful, just like you!!

Don't forget to eat cake!!

Elisson said...

Aw, you're nought but a wee bairn!

Happy birthday, sweetie!