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Former Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich said on the "Today" show Tuesday he rejected a deal with senators to keep his job as governor, choosing instead to join the humble ranks of America's unemployed.

"I rejected an offer by leading senators to keep my job for two years and essentially be a ghost payroller," he said.
I don't believe it for a minute, and neither should you. Where's his proof?

Richard Roeper catches up with my train of thought...
Every time I think Peterson's the king of PR blunders, Blago makes a move. Every time Blago seems to have the upper hand, Peterson makes a move.
But then he leaves me laughing in the dust here:
Next thing you know these two will be partnering up and trying to get a slot on "The Amazing Race."
I'd almost pay good money to see that.

Speaking of the Blagoviator, seems he'll be on Letterman tonight. To all you folks in the other 49 states, you're welcome to him. Take our ex-gov... PLEASE.

(And thanks for the pointer, Beth! I'll be laughing for weeks.)

Aggggggggggggh!!! What am I going to do for decorating tips now??? I love that magazine and will miss it a lot.

I really do hope they catch the asshole who defaced the Bean. What the hell is wrong with people, anyway???

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Now that's more like it.


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I am a can of Cheese Wizz.

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