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Chartered Excursion -- Killarney?

Much as Dublin was tempting, I think I want a little more "authentic" Ireland. So Killarney is looking pretty good.

Since I'm not the selfish sort, I'm targeting the third week of April. If there's anyone out there that's interested in tagging along, let me know.

Or, if you know of any Irish bloggers in the Killarney area, let me know.

I push the "purchase" button on Monday. Details to follow.

Update: And by "tagging along," I mean that I think people should see what they want to see by day, and agree on which pub they'll meet up at by night. I'm an easy-going traveler.


Teresa said...

Oh I hope you have a wonderful time. I really want to go to Ireland someday. Killarney sounds excellent.

Anonymous said...


Have a good time - I'm out! I haven't accumulated enough time off, and when I do, it will definitely be Urban to get away from this hell of sand and sun. ;)