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Bus Fumes

You know, I was really hoping I was wrong and that Obama would be a great leader and act in such a way as to bring the congressional leadership and its constituency to consensus more often than not.

I was hoping he would see his election as more of a responsibility than a mandate.

I've bitten my tongue and said nothing, waiting to see what would happen. Hoping for the best.

Others may say it more eloquently than I, but it has become clear to me that The Emperor is Wearing No Clothes. Buck naked, dudes and dudettes.

Apparently the European financial community has finally peeled the blinders off, as well.

And then there's good ol' Judd Gregg, who finally saw the light.

You want a stimulous plan? Then how about the Mark Cuban Plan? That's one I can back.

Otherwise, you get asshats like this who don't understand that this isn't a kosher way to spend those government dollars. And if they didn't need the cash influx, they certainly shouldn't have taken it.


Kevin? Forgive me, but if I hear "I," "me" or "my" one more time in one of his press conferences, I will puke. If I turned it into a drinking game, I'd have been on my ass within the first fifteen minutes.

You know I'm always about the bottom line. I've only got one. Your buddy Obama? He's got more than I can count, and that's just in his first press conference.


Kevin said...

Nope. Not going for the bait. Sorry.

JihadGene said...

I'm voted Buck Farack four Pwesident.

Great Reader KIM Jong IL
Berkerley, Norf Korea