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Want to know just what's in Obama's stimulus package? Patton Boggs takes the mystery out of it.

Then when you're done, go read William Jacobson:

For the first time in my adult life, I am convinced that we have a President who sees capitalism and markets as the enemy. There is no other explanation for the hyperbolic rhetoric Obama has used to create a sense of economic crisis far in excess of reality. We are in a recession, but as others have documented extensively, to compare the current economy to the Great Depression is damaging.

Obama seems to be wishing so hard for a depression, he might actually get it. Obama is well along in the process of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy in which he so talks down the economy, and so shakes markets, that people are paralyzed with fear allowing Obama to push his political agenda of creating a command economy. Count me among the fearful. It's hunker-down and cut-back time not because I've lost a job, but because of the decline in markets.

The economy and the markets are intertwined, which is something Obama doesn't seem to get. As people see their investment and retirement accounts drop, they adjust their economic activity to compensate. Multiply that effect by tens of millions of investors, and you can turn a recession into a depression.

Yet Obama has done nothing to ease the pressures on markets. In the trillion dollars of spending and "middle class" tax cuts, there is nothing for investors. Nothing. We will spend more on Harry Reid's magnetic railroad to nowhere than we will spend to reassure markets.
Sticks in your craw, doesn't it?

Get your own fiscal reality banner here.

Speaking of the President, he may be good at spending your and my money, but he's certainly not in any hurry to pay his own bills.

And the Prez's old group ACORN, look what they're up to these days. Feh.

Loose lips sink ships. Remember that, 'mkay?

Are parents really not talking to their kids these days? This is scary, scary stuff!

Everything I don't get/like about Twitter is contained here.

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I've been there myself more than once.

I'm going to the Dog Show on Sunday! If you've never been to the IKC show in Chicago, you're really missing a wonderful thing.

Roland just keeps opening his mouth long enough to switch feet. If he truly has done nothing wrong, I almost feel sorry for the guy. The hole he's been digging himself into just keeps getting deeper.

JihadGene says, "It's Friday! Let's Dance!"

I'm in the mood for a little reggae:


Happy Friday!

Who knew V-Man threw his own party at Fashion Week in NYC? Given his predilection for unusual attire, this doesn't surprise me.


The Senior Chief said...

Are you there.....

Anonymous said...

This has certainly made me not party affiliated - both republicans and democrats have disappointed me!


JihadGene said...

Sorry I didn't post on Friday. This stimulus package stuff bites the big one for sure.JG

Nancy said...

Why should Mr. Obama pay his bills? He won, didn't he? (something about this whole mess brings out the worst of sarcasm in me)

Maeve said...

We watch TMZ (Yeah, Yeah I know, it's trash. But I love it) and they were asking celebs about the Rhianna/Chris thing. Out of 10 people only 3 actually had the balls to say that it was inexcuseable.
Every one else was "Oh we pray for them both".
My ass, he beat the crap out of her and needs to be in jail.