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A Shout Out to the Prayer Warriors

I'm dumbfounded. A friend who has been destrying himself with booze and pills has made a decision:
"I'm gonna get dried out, unfucked, and see what my options are with the bone problem I have. I can't just sit here and fester anymore."

While part of me wants to get up on the desk and do the happy dance, another part of me knows that entering the hospital is the easy part. He's about to walk down a very dark road.

He doesn't believe in prayers, but I do. I'll be praying for him daily. Please keep him in your prayers, as well. He'll need each and every one you can spare.


Moogie said...

I'll be right there with you sis. I'll even supply the knee pads.

shoe said...

hail yeah, sister, i'm in too.

og said...

I pray because I am pretty sure The Creator listens. I'm pretty sure of this because of all the requests He gets, one from me must seem especially unusual "Let's see what THIS asshole wants- This ought to be interesting!"

Dana said...

I will be praying. After all, I think it is OUR prayers that have convinced Rob to go in the first place. God knows what He is doing...