Leslie's Omnibus


The Brits have a Ministry of Fun??? How can anyone regulate FUN???

Scratch that thought. I want a job there.

Pants, pants and more pants. Lack of pants, lack of pants and more lack of pants. Make up your mind, dudes.

This guy ranks right up there with my email buddy Og for people I really need to meet... and soon.

(BTW -- Go over here and wish Contagion and his lovely bride a happy anniversary.)


Contagion said...

Thank you for the well wishes and the compliment. But becareful what you wish for, you live in Chicago, you may be one of my minions! :)

Omnibus Driver said...

Right. And YOU may become one of MY minions. (They're legion, you know.)

og said...

My minions are diced and sauteed in some olive oil with garlic.

And yes, we must meet soon.