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Bus Fumes

Here's another example of why I'm convinced that our society is heading straight to hell in a handbasket. (Er, handbag?) What is WITH people these days?

(A tip of the cap to Grendel's Dragon.)

Think I'm overly pessimistic? Compare and contrast the story above with this one. Okay. Tell me again our value system isn't seriously out of whack.

And, speaking of values, I guess I'd better state one of mine here: I oppose the Meiers nomination. I haven't said much, because I was waiting to read more about the pros and cons before making up my mind. It's now clear to me that the woman doesn't have the grounding in Constitutional law necessary to do the job. I don't want a Supreme Court Justice that makes up new law when she/he doesn't like what the Constitution says -- that's what I vote for Representatives and Senators and Presidents for. It is also clear that she has not demonstrated the analytical ability necessary to do the job.

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og said...

No, OUR value system isn't out of whack. THEIRS is.