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What in the hell possessed Illinois Republican party leaders to consider an "outside candidate" for governor??? May I remind the GOP leadership that the last time they picked an outsider, we ended up with this right-threaded wingnut as our best shot for the Senate? Note "How and why Dr. Keyes won in Illinois" for example. I swear the entire party in this state is wearing tinfoil beanies and oompa-loompa suits and marching in an all-kazoo band.

Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey, they're going to force me to vote for a Democrat, any Democrat, aren't they? (Even a Lyndon LaRouche candidate is going to look better than a GOP pick.)

(A tip of the cap to Spoons.)

Aw, fer cripe's sake! Some people have no sense of humor. I, on the other hand, want one of those FSM magnet doohickies for my car. (Pastafarians of the world, unite!)

The English Werewolf hits the nail on the head. Make sure you know where your donated dollars are really going.

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Contagion said...

Just do what I did in the last election. If you don't like any of the candidates, write yourself in. I know I had at least 5 votes for Senator.