Leslie's Omnibus


Oddly enough, my hair was this color once... by accident, right before my sister's wedding, and only for as long as it took to run to the drugstore, buy a new box-o-color, hoof it home and dump the new color stuff on my head:

Your Hair Should Be Orange
Expressive, deep, and one of a kind.You pull off "weird" well - hardly anyone notices.

(A tip of the cap to Christine.)

Hillary Clinton is V-Man's monkey??? Dude! You're starting to scare me.

Hmmmm.... maybe that explains this, after all....

This is a woman with great style. I admire her spunk.

Another woman after my own heart.


og said...

So where are the Leslie pictures from elen? I've seen pics of everyone else that appeared.

sewing fanatic said...

So my hair color is also orange... although it's not really. Though I've though about it...

And thanks for the congrats!

(And great monkey pictures.)

Contagion said...

Hmmm... Orange as well.. Sorry, but there is no chance in hell my hair will ever be touched by hair dye, let alone orange hair dye.