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Funniest newspaper "Corrections and Clarifications" ever:
In a Page 2 column on Wednesday, John Kass incorrectly asserted that by raising the federal debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion, President Barack Obama had grabbed "reality by the hair" and kicked it repeatedly "in the behind." But Thursday's stock-market plunge of more than 500 points proves that reality remains immune to the president's charms. The Tribune regrets the error.
Gotta love John Kass!

I'm stunned:
Durbin said “Democrats have to be prepared to talk about entitlement reform and Republicans have to be prepared to talk about revenue if we’re both serious about meaningful deficit reduction. It’s tough politically on both sides. I mean, it’s as volatile as can be.”
Yeah. I actually agree with Dick Durbin, who is making sense for once.

Seems Obama will never run out of groups or people or events to blame for the lousy state of the economy. Here's the latest:
"We've weathered the Arab Springs effect on oil and gas prices. The Japanese earthquake and tsunami's effect on supply chains. The extraordinary economic uncertainty in Europe and recently markets around the globe have taken a bumpy ride," Obama said this morning.
That's four finger-points in two sentences. (He did, however, leave out Bush, Republicans and the Tea Party... for once.)

Is anyone else ready for a little of Harry Truman's "The buck stops here!" mentality from the Oval Office for a change?

And while we're at blame casting, "At Google, don't blame the technology when something goes wrong, blame the person behind the technology."

I hope they're right, though. The Princess Mom sure would have been a prime candidate for a robot car:


Rules of the Road:

Do you live and drive in an urban area with lots of bicycle traffic? Then you should try this in order to prevent "dooring" accidents:
When you get out of your car on the driver’s side, open the door with your right hand. This will force you to twist your body and look back, allowing you to see if any cyclists or walkers are coming by.
Easy peasey lemon squeezy.

After hearing about that awful story out of Australia where the young woman was collared with what was alleged to be a bomb this week, it brought back memories of a similar device that actually did what it was alleged it would do:
Suddenly, the device started to emit an accelerating beeping noise. Wells fidgeted. It looked like he was trying to scoot backward, to somehow escape the bomb strapped to his neck. Beep… Beep… Beep. Boom! The device detonated, blasting him violently onto his back and ripping a 5-inch gash in his chest. The pizza deliveryman took a few last gasps and died on the pavement. It was 3:18 pm. The bomb squad arrived three minutes later.
I'm so glad that Miss Pulver survived to tell her tale. And I hope they catch the sicko who dreamed that little stunt up. Let's hope karma catches up with the SOB.

As my old pal Jihad Gene used to say, "It's Friday! Let's Dance!"


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