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How did CharlieDelta's cat pick him?

It was a match made in heaven, actually.

Side by side in today's Daily Mail, the following headlines:
So... which is true and which isn't?

Why, oh, why do politicians just not get it???
Another politician forced to resign after sending naked pictures to woman he had online relationship with
Camera phone + naked + press "send" = TROUBLE + caught... er... red-handed

It's a very simple equation, no?

On the other hand, here's a little article to remind you that there are good people left in the world:
In 55 days, Kellogg assisted 115 strangers and made an exhilarating realization: “You don’t have to be a billionaire to be a philanthropist,” he says. “You just have to ask people, ‘How can I help?’ ”
Would that there were many more young folks out there just like him.

Why do I love hanging around with my BlownStar Blodgers pal El Capitan? Because he'll take part in the damnedest things... like this. (And, yes -- you can see him quite clearly in that video clip.)

I'll be seeing him in just a few weeks. Check back to see if he taught me all those fancy steps.

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