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Which GOP presidential candidate has Obama worried? It's not Mitt or Michelle or Tim or Ron:
US President Barack Obama's top reelection strategist charged Friday that Republican White House hopeful and Texas Governor Rick Perry had "very little to do" with his state's economic success.
And well he should be worried about Perry.

Presidential bearing? Check.

Executive experience? Check.

Military service? Check.

Self-made man? Check.

I like Perry's announcement speech because he ignored all the other GOP candidates and acted as though he's only running against one opponent -- the one that's currently in the White House. If he keeps that up, he'll really have my respect.

Update: Yep. Perry's entry into the race is alarming the Obama Dems. Any guy who has the far lefties up in arms is the right guy for me.

What's at the root of the UK riots? Maybe parental attitudes like this:
‘But, I believe our human rights have been completely taken for granted. Daniel was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

‘As a mother, I’m not responsible for my son’s actions and they are penalising me for his actions.’
Marvelous job, Mum.

I haven't seen a really good heist job comedy in a long time. I have hope, because this looks promising:


What is just about the silliest question ever posed?
"Can brownies be too rich?"

For Denny and Jimbo, who I could see doing this song:


(A tip of the cap to GruntDoc for that little giggle.)

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