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Who Said...

... no good deed goes unpunished?

I promoted an Etsy shop last week because I really love their gorgeous, girly jewelry... and I come home to find these (or the next closest thing) in my mailbox with a lovely thank-you note:

Girly, pretty, totally romantic! I'm going to have to go shopping because I want something soft and feminine in heather grey and another something in burgundy lace to wear with these gorgeous ear bobs.

To the wonderful folks at A Pocket Full of Posies -- thanks for the totally unexpected and greatly appreciated birthday gift!

(To my gentlemen readers -- A gift from APFOP will make your own lady feel totally appreciated. Bookmark and use them for Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day or "just because" gifting. Your lady will be impressed with your good taste and flattered that you see her as feminine enough to rock this gorgeous stuff.)

Again, many thanks!

UPDATE: It wasn't a gift from APFOP after all. Even better, it was from my beautiful daughter. I wore them right away, and felt absolutely beautiful in them! (But it does pay to post your wish list!)


Kevin said...

Happy birthday!

Alicia said...

beautiful! and happy birthday, indeed!

A Pocket of Posies said...

Happy belated Birthday!

I LOVE that you love these!

I would love to send you a pair of your choice! ....send me a note with your second pick!

Thanks for your mention of my shop! I really appreciate it!

A Pocket of Posies ♥

penile implant said...

Thanks for sharing that. It was fun reading it. :-)