Leslie's Omnibus

Choices, Choices

Since your responses really helped me in my last dilemma,* here's a new one for you:


... or Red?

I can't decide.

*I opted for the black one. My jewelry is also purple, and I feared the dreaded purple overload.

P.S. -- Here's the dress. The photo doesn't nearly do it justice -- not in showing off the colors, and certainly not in how flattering it is on the body.


Alicia said...

as a former fake redhead, as much as I love the vibrant color, I get SO frustrated with how quick it is to fade. I've used both box red color and had it done professionally. I'm also really bad at making hair appointments, so the red I think would depend on how much "work" you're willing to do (going to hair appointments is work for me hahaha).

so if it were ME, I'd go with the brown

The Meezers or Billy said...

akshually, we like the brown with the streaks of red!