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Beep Beep!

Just a year or two off, but who's counting?

A few of the gifts I received today?

A gazillion and one birthday wishes on Facebook. I'm truly blessed with wonderful friends.

A stunning decor suggestion from Og.

A Master Class in prose from Leeann:
This demonspawn is obviously the love child of Joan Crawford at her frothing finest and the Honey Badger. She’s the only 4 year old I’ve seen that has the voice of a chain-smoking dock worker. She is the dark underbelly of what happens when breeding is left to amateurs. If we airdropped Makenzie’s rhinestoned ass into Afghanistan, the war would be over the next day. If we sent Makenzie to live one day with each teenage girl in America, the teen pregnancy rate would drop to zero. If we wait long enough, most likely the pits of Hell will open up and reclaim her.
Fried butter on a stick.

The race card.

Fantastic news in the fight against leukemia.

A heads-up from my pal Donna:
If you are a LinkedIn user, you may want to act on this quickly. In classic social network style, LinkedIn has borrowed from Facebook’s playbook on abusing your privacy. They’ve made agreements with advertisers and defaulted your LinkedIn account’s privacy settings. Unless you change the default setting, advertisers have permission to use your LinkedIn name, photo and posts in their ads. In effect, this makes you an implied endorser of a company, product or service without your explicit consent.

To change your settings, do the following:

Go to LinkedIn and sign into your account. In the upper right and side of the window you’ll see a small hyperlink for your name.

Click on your name and click Settings from the drop down menu.

Go to the bottom left of the window and click on Account (icon is a small grey shield)
Just left of that, a list will appear for PRIVACY CONTROLS. Under that, click Manage Social Advertising and remove the check from the box.

You may also want to click Turn On/Off Enhanced Advertising and remove the check from that box too…depends on your feeling about ads you receive.

When’s the last time you heard of anything more snake-oily than ‘enhanced advertising’?
A very naughty, very funny gift from Ray at Finish the Book, George:

A new dive to visit!

A mention from Oom Keesie with a request for pictures of lips.

When a man describes one as "Da driver of some serious sex and common sense" you've gotta ante up.

(Oom Keesie? I do not think that Hillary is wanking at you. Or maybe she is. Come to think of it, she's probably got the equipment for it.)

Happy birthday to me!

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The Meezers or Billy said...

what an awesome birthday - but i might have to get that coffee table before you do - after all, there are no weird splotches under a black light, so i would assume it's safe. And, the meezers might feel better about going public with their cocaine habit - Mary