Leslie's Omnibus


I have another political crush -- Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford. I don't suppose we can cajole him into running in the next gubernatorial race, can we?

Before I head out to see Gavin Coyle at the Irish American Heritage Center this Saturday evening, I'm going to spend the day at the Printer's Row Lit Fest. The line-up of workshops, authors and speakers looks fantastic.

Knee-Slapper of the Day:
"[S]he’s a very natural girl."
Sorry. That should have come with a spit-take warning.

Have you bought your ticket to come help Seanachai Theatre Company party with Frazier's dad yet?


What are you waiting for? June 13th is right around the corner and it's not every day you get to hoist a pint with a celebrity!


The Meezers or Billy said...

the mom lady person wants to know if that katie person is a "sell-eb-ra-tee" 'acause of her big boobs.

Hi MissieAuntieLeslie - ME LOVES YOU

Omnibus Driver said...

Hi, Billy! Right back 'atcha.

Let your Mom Lady Purrson know that the katie person is a "sell-eb-ra-tee" because she IS a big boob. (And you got that "sell" exactly right.)