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Father Mike is being a douche bag and a passive-aggressive hypocrite:
"...Pfleger insisted that the only way he will leave St. Sabina is if he is thrown out or if he believes God wants him to go."
Man up, Father Mike, and quit trying to gain martyrdom by forcing Cardinal George to fire your flaky butt because you can't even zip your lip when you're on suspension for not being able to keep your big yap shut.

If you don't want to follow the doctrines of the Church you serve (and apparently you don't), just be honest and quit already.

Well this is just scary:
At least four mail carriers have been robbed in Chatham and Englewood in the last month alone, two of them at gunpoint. Another was robbed at gunpoint in Englewood in February.

This follows a series of less violent thefts from mail carriers on the West and Northwest Sides last year.

Nobody can say whether the targeting of mailmen is just another sign of desperate measures in a bad economy or part of some criminal strategy, but it’s prompting the union that represents mailmen to appeal to the public for help in watching their backs.

The public may have a bigger stake in this than just receiving its mail on time. In at least two of the recent incidents, the robbers specifically targeted the carriers for their “arrow keys”—the master keys that not only give a mailman access to a bank of mailboxes or a collection box but also in some cases to the locked front doors of apartment buildings.

One arrow key could allow a criminal to get inside the front door of most apartment buildings in a given zip code — and inside all its mailboxes. But it’s the possibility of someone wanting inside a building for more sinister purposes than rifling through the mail that could be a real cause for concern.

Those who do not learn from the past are apparently doomed to repeat it. Just what we need -- more credit to people who can't afford it.


Joan of Argghh! said...

A heart "Amen!" to your polite suggestions for Fr.Mike!


Alicia said...

I saw Father Mike preach years ago at St Sabina and it was so amazing...amazing as it was, the guy doesn't seem to respond well to authority. If you're a Catholic priest and your role is that of pastor, and you're not granted another extension at that parish, I'm pretty sure it means that God wants you to leave... just sayin!