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One of the reasons I love my Kindle is that I am no longer bringing more books into my house than I take out again. I still have bags and bags of them... and now I have good motivation to finally get rid of them. Operation Paperback, here I come!

I probably have enough to put a book in the hand of every single man and woman in an entire division and still have a few left over!

(A tip of the cap to Dear Abby.)

Quote of the Day:
"Why is it so difficult for so many people to grasp the concept that one can address each issue on its merits, and not automatically take the “liberal” or “conservative” stance?" -- Richard Roeper
It's a little bit like being a Cub fan or a Sox fan in Chicago, I think.

10 Facebook settings you might want to tinker with.

Ear Worm of the Day:

Dear God, that's beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Adele rocked this song on Gossip Girl this week, so I'm not saying that I watch GG. :)


Miss you!


Cordovan said...

Oh- thanks for the link to Operation paperback. I have a BUNCH to get rid of, I mean pass on.
I mean, really, when you no longer have enough bookcases to hold them and they sit on your floor in neat stacks, yeah, it's time for them to go. :)