Leslie's Omnibus

Night Moves

My porcelain throne did its best imitation of Old Faithful in the week small hours of the morning.

I found this out due to my downstairs neighbor pounding on my door to let me know HER bathroom light fixture was doing ITS best imitation of Victoria Falls.

After much wailing, gnashing of teeth, manic plunging and flailing around with a sponge mop, the beast was temporarily tamed.

That's the bad news.

The good news? It took four big tall brawny men (my Super, his two sons and his cousin) with great big wrenches to wrestle the problem permanently into the ground. Lawd-a-mercy, Miz Scarlett!

The other good news? I finally got this little doohickey installed. And considering the fact that I got almost no sleep and, since I was awake, I began my Spring cleaning to kill the time until the Super arrived, I'm ready to test it out right now.

Later, peeps!

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diamond dave said...

Ugh. That's nothing to wake up to early in the morning. And the visuals you provided just make it worse for the imagination.