Leslie's Omnibus


Quote of the Day:
Chicago may be the unofficial brestaurant capital of the U.S. with 11 Hooters, 10 Tilted Kilts, two Brick House Tavern & Taps and a Show-Me's, with Twin Peaks planning to enter the market within the year.
I can't tell you how proud that makes me to be a Chicagoan.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, another chain restaurant!

Although, I used to love going to the Tartan Ball at the Stockyards with my Grandma... who was very mean. Grandpa was always at the bar... now it all makes sense!

Miss you like crazy!


El Capitan said...

There was a Tilted Kilt in west Houston for about a year. Came & went with barely any notice.

Omnibus Driver said...

My favorite of all those oh-so-subtle names is "Twin Peaks." Just saying...

Harper said...

My husband used to work with one of the owners of Twin Peaks. Says he is a disgusting chauvinistic pig of a man. Some of the Mr's restaurants have hired former TP servers who tell horror stories of harassment and being forced to drink on the job with customers - to the point of not being able to drive home after a shift. That's a high-class way to do business.