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A Word of Thanks...

... because everyone else is still bitching about how long it took to get rescued, how long the power's been off, and just how miserable it's going to be to dig yourself out of your house -- but I think we should all feel blessed.

To the Chicago Police Department, Chicago Fire Department and Chicago's Streets and Sanitation Department who made sure we were safe and did their level best to clear the streets in absolutely miserable weather, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To all the men and women who worked round the clock to fix downed wires and restore power to freezing and unhappy customers, for your sacrifice and hard work, thank you.

To good Samaritans who brought water and sandwiches to complete strangers stuck on Lake Shore Drive, there's a place for you in Heaven. That goes double for people who helped dig out or push out cars stuck in drifts when they could have stayed warm and safe in their own homes.

That is all.

Update: Not, that's not all, after all. I forgot to thank the El drivers and other CTA workers, as well as the great engineers, conductors and rail workers at Metra who kept trains and Els moving, and a HUGE debt of gratitude to CTA bus drivers everywhere, but especially the ones who were stuck on Lake Shore Drive and kept opening their doors to take on more and more frozen refugees of the LSD fiasco.

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Catherine A. Murphy said...

Yes i heard something like that about Chicago.