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While it may be true that you can't be dooced anymore, trashing your employer on Facebook or a blog or Twitter is still pretty damned stupid.
Employers should think twice before trying to restrict workers from talking about their jobs on Facebook or other social media.

That's the message the government sent on Monday as it settled a closely watched lawsuit against a
Connecticut ambulance company that fired an employee after she went on Facebook to criticize her boss.

The National Labor Relations Board sued the company last year, arguing the worker's negative comments were protected speech under federal labor laws. The company claimed it fired the emergency medical technician because of complaints about her work.

Under the settlement with the labor board, American Medical Response of Connecticut Inc. agreed to change its blogging and Internet policy that barred workers from disparaging the company or its supervisors. The company also will revise another policy that prohibited employees from depicting the company in any way over the Internet without permission.
Yeah. But try getting someone else to hire you when they find out why you're now out of a job.

Ooooo! Carnitas Stuffed Shells? I'm going to have to try these, as they look like a plate full of awesome.

I wouldn't have thought of pairing wine with chicken and waffles, but apparently there are some good choices! (And who knew you'd choose a different wine for KFC than you would for Popeyes?)


The Meezers or Billy said...

well yeah, popeyes has spicier chick-hen than KFC. MOL

diamond dave said...

There seems to be no limit to people's stupidity when it comes to online social media. This is a major reason why I keep work and Facebook separate. Present coworkers are not considered for friend invites, let alone bosses.

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