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Hidden Treasure

I'm tired of snow, snow and more snow, so I'm going to throw up some photos of a beautiful sculptural piece that sings of warmth:

All the pieces together represent a woman in repose. This angle looks from her head at the far end to her toes nearest.

I have a friend who's a docent with the Chicago Architecture Foundation, and she loves showing off hidden wonders. Thus, when we were out heading from one place to another one recent evening, she stopped short and dragged me into this building down in the financial district. Lo and behold, there was Amber in Repose by Martin Blank.

Update: Seems that I'm not the only one who's sick of winter and pictures of snow. Go visit Marathon Pundit for a change of scenery.

Have you done an anti-winter, anti-snow photo post lately? Let's share!

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Anonymous said...

Leslie it's not so bad and now you can say you survived snowzilla of 2011...stay safe Doug