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Where've I been? Busy, my friends -- very busy.

First of all, Seanachai Theatre Company's new show, "That Was Then," by Gerard Stembridge, opens this Saturday, but has preview performances available for $10/ticket this Thursday and Friday Nights.

It's a black comedy, and the early buzz is fantastic. Follow us on Twitter to get updates on meet-the-cast and dinner theatre availability. Join us at the IAHC, won't you?

Yes, I'm now tweeting -- for Seanachai. Another "never" crossed off my list. (Tweeting, not Seanachai, that is!)

Brian Jacques may be gone, but the world he created in Redwall lives on. My favorite characters were frequently to be found among the dibbuns. What's a dibbun? Behold:

Badger babies! How utterly adorable at this age!

I just found this cool site where a page a day is posted from Jim Henson's "Red Book," and sometimes a good deal of historical information comes with it.

If you're a Muppets, Fraggle Rock, Dark Crystal fan like me, you'll love this!

Via Pat Hickey, why I luuuuuuuuuuurve me some Col. Allen West:
“Over this past week I have watched and listened to members of the House of Representatives from across the aisle.

“I am appalled at their ignorance, belligerence, and dishonest rhetoric filled with empty emotional platitudes. Have they no shame in realizing that their inept, incompetent failures are the reason why we are debating this continuing resolution. They failed to pass a budget during the 111th Congress.

“Have they no honor in realizing that their fiscal irresponsibility over the past four years has resulted in our standing on the precipice of a fiscal canyon from which we may not recover.

“Also troubling are the events in the state of Wisconsin which mirror those that happened in Greece several months ago. We are witnessing the abject hostility of a unionized entitlement class that is being lauded by the liberal left, seemingly to include our President.

It is such a critical time for our Republic, yet there seems no visionary leadership — it is as if America stopped producing adults. I have never seen a greater assembly of petulance and sophomoric behavior as what I have witnessed this week on the floor of the House of Representatives.

“To those across the aisle, please explain to the American people how your economic policies have created a better environment for long-term sustainable growth.

“This debate is about jobs and the economy.

“It begins with remedying the spending problem on Capitol Hill. It includes tackling the burdensome taxation and regulation policies strangling our country. It is the understanding that Keynesian tax and spend policies did not grow America’s economy, but the indomitable, entrepreneurial spirit of the American people.

“Government sets the conditions for job and economic growth, it does not create jobs."
I love a guy who'll call a spade a spade. Well done, sir.

What else was I busy with? Well, I spent a good deal of the weekend up to my eyebrows in bridal photography websites.

Don't faint! It's not for me.

I now have not one, but two weddings to attend in September -- one in Houston and one in Las Vegas, and both of which make me very happy. I can't wait!



Anonymous said...

Yes, I honestly love West! Here you can see everyone do the PC thing and back away - except West!


Love you Barrie

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Lest we forget his youtube hit -