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Pennies From Heaven

As many of you know, the great Paul Harvey passed away Saturday evening.

Being a big fan of WGN Radio, I was listening as the news was announced there, his home for many, many years, first. Nick Digilio, who I know I've blasted here in the past (he's growing on me, really), and his team did an outstanding job of retrieving PH cuts and interviewing many of his colleagues throughout the night.

Lots of listeners called in at all hours over the weekend to relay their stories of how the man had touched them personally, never for a moment realizing that I'd be one of those people picking up the phone.

Sunday evening, I was listening to buddy Steve Dale do his regular Pet Central broadcast. He promised Paul Harvey clips relating to Steve and Pet Central at the end of his show.

I listened to the first, and realized that Mr. Harvey was telling the story of a kitty of my very own breeding. The second "Rest of the Story" was about Ricky, as well.

I've never dialed a phone so fast in my life.

Steve's producer connected me, and we had a nice chat. He was surprised I'd never heard those clips before.

So now I know the rest of the story.

Pennies from heaven -- I've got a lap full of them today.

Update: Here's the podcast of Pet Central honoring Paul Harvey.

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Northwoods Woman said...

ya know, I don't think I would have fully appreciated this story if I had not met the most incredible Miss Marilyn. I miss her. If you get another one, you could teach it to play the piano!
Hugs my friend! Love ya!