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Just so Pammy doesn't feel like the only Mrs. Noah these days, this was what it looked like two blocks from my house just a few days ago. (And that sinkhole was 15 feet deep!)

P.S. -- Go here for more Chinatown pix.

Here be wisdom (and a great big giggle), indeed.

Let's hope this guest poster over at Unemploymentality becomes a regular writer, because I like the way she thinks:
So what if I’m making far less per hour than I’ve made at any point in the last nine years. So what if I have to put on a polyester apron and plastic gloves and travel back in time to my first job. So what. THE BILLS ARE GOING TO GET PAID! This is not the last stop in my career. This is just taking care of business, doing what needs to be done. I am not better than this job. I am not better than any job. This is not something to be embarrassed about. I will wear this nametag with pride. I will wear this baseball cap so that hair doesn’t get in the food. I will be on time. I will not complain. I will work my way up if I have to stay. I will get the hell out if something better comes along. Hello, underemployment....

I can’t allow myself to be bitter because I owe it to the other people that would have gladly worked this job, or who may not get to go to college like I did, not to be an ingrate, to be glad for what has landed on my plate, even if I didn’t order it. However, I also owe it to them and to myself not to stay here forever.
I tip my hat to her.

Saw this article on boys and Axe... and immediately thought of Bou. Heh.

Quote of the Day:
Instead, the British and American leaders remain stuck in the fantasy that you can spend your way out of debt. Er, guys: you've already tried that, and look where it led. If spraying cash at the problem failed, firehosing even more cash at it won't work either. Chancellor Merkel: the taxpayers of the world are relying on you.
Too right. (And I wonder if he's single. There's a man I could respect.)

Also, Totus is on a roll today:
When the French economics minister pushed back on Timmy's demands that Germany increase stimulus spending, TATUS pulled his wild card out. "Okay, the U.S. would like to place on the G-20 agenda a session addressing the many tax havens that enable American citizens to hide their wealth off shore and not pay taxes."

The G-20 officials agreed. So now Big Guy has to sit through a session next week targeting the tax havens of Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, his Administration and Rep. Charles Rangel.

Being the seafood loving Beantown Betty that I am, this just slayed me:

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

Just so the ladies of Joisey know, their girlie bits are still their own to control. Thank Jeebus.

Ear Worm of the Day:

This has been bouncing around my cranium all afternoon.

Eye-Popper of the Day? My horoscope. Behold:
JULY 23-AUG. 22
You could receive a surprising sexual proposal from someone as Venus turns up the heat. Maybe a casual friend wants things to be less casual. Perhaps a neighbor is developing a crush on you. Or maybe a coworker has been nursing a mad passion for you.


Your Name's Power is Curiousity

Your name's power is that it helps you be curious.

Your name conveys that you are an energetic traveler of life. [Too freaking right!]

People who meet you can't help but think you are thriving.

You try to live your life with mercy and enthusiasm.

... and...

You Are Pause

Compared to most people, you are reflective and thoughtful.

You're always willing to take a break and digest everything that's happened.

You are patient with life. You are happy to sit back and let things unfold.

You're not in a hurry. You're content to take things at someone else's pace.

Now that's just freaky.

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