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Giggles of the Day, courtesy of Eric Zorn.

What happens when you make the words match the action and scenery in a music video?

... and...

Bet you can't make it through both with a straight face.

Ah, Chicken Little Sr.! It appears he has as little concern for our pilots as he does for our military, God bless him.

And look! He's taking on immigration reform next. Given his performance to date, I assume he's just going to hand the keys to the country to anyone who cares to grab a set, with special emphasis on carpeting our southern border with welcome mats from one end to the other.

Is it any wonder he's finding the true definition of "backfire"?

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And that's my final answer.

I take that back. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha!!! And that's my final answer.

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Thanks for the Youtube tip.