Leslie's Omnibus


My BlogDaddy and I rarely think exactly alike, but we know each other well.

I saw this yesterday, and just had to forward it on to his geekiness. (Actually, I should have sent him this, this and this, too.)

Today, he returned the favor by sending me this. To which I say, that's why I always specify that I want autopilot (and a cup holder) when I get one of my own. (And I still want one.)

This is just totally cool. Read and listen carefully:


I'm off to Florida four a couple of days to do a reprise of the memorial service for the Princess Mom.

I'm guessing it'll be my own last trip down there, as Florida is just not my thing.

But it'll be nice to see her friends one last time.


GUYK said...

where bouts in Fl are ya going? If you are near Homosassa Springs give me an e-mail and maybe we can get together for a mug of jumpstart

JihadGene said...

Safe travels to you!