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Don't tell a soul, but Nick Digilio has actually become one of my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. Why? Well, it's stuff like Nick Digilio Uncut - 3/14/09 - 18.

Hang in there through the setup and discussion of Chicago's proposed mandatory spay/neuter ordinance. Bonnie will soon be on the line, and one of the funniest conversations ever ensues.

'Bout fell of the couch howling, I did.

P.S. -- Bob Barker is a nosey buttinsky who should stay the hell out of Chicago's business.

P.P.S. -- I'll never again see the written word "thunk" or hear that sound without flashing back to this clip. And giggling madly.

One of those funny/sad/hilarious/morbid kind of blogs. I like it.

Today, I came back to my appartment to find that I couldn't watch certain channels on my tv. When I called the tv company I found out my parents had put a 'parental block' on all my favorite channels. Im 22 and rent an appartment with my friends. FML

Sooner or later everyone has an FML story.

Velociman -- Another guy who recognizes pure comic gold when he sees it:
My boss's face was a stone mask of solemnity, lips pursed in concentration and fingers interlaced across his belly. But his eyes were absolutely swimming in tears. His mirth ducts were in full flower.

He saw that I saw, told me the nature of the payroll issue, and asked if I would be so kind as to resolve it. I looked at the woman and gave her a dismissive wave of my hand, said gesture full of both condescension and noblesse oblige, as if to say the issue had already been handled. It was an unfortunately imperious gesture, having that air of dismissal, but the plain truth is I was terrified of opening my mouth. I too had managed thus far to present a reserved and judicious appearance to this nattering woman, but I fully understood the thin tightope I was precariously perched upon. I had three sharp barks and a rolling guffaw attempting to explode from my throat.
Bet you can picture every detail.

Geeze! I thought Chicago politicians were pushy about getting all up in your business, but Joisey pols apparently put them to shame.

Lemme ask you, ladies -- would you vote for a politician who could decide if and how you could have your lady bits waxed?

Which leads me to this conclusion:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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If this made me giggle (and it did), this had me guffawing all over the floor:

Finally, a blog that knows what it's talking about...

A couple of Blogthings:

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JihadGene is MIA, but we can still celebrate. "It's Friday! Let's Dance!":


Oh, Dear God. Chicken Little Sr. put Junior in charge. Junior, who weeks after Sr. finally quit screeching that the sky is falling starting parroting dear ol' Sr.'s "sky is falling" line.

We're all in trouble now. It's deja "boo" all over again.

Oh. And Sr.'s "irritated" because someone might be asking questions he doesn't want to deal with.

Get used to it, Bucko. Your constituency is beyond irritated and well into irate. And the questions are going to get harder to answer and louder if you try to ignore them.


JihadGene said...

Right on Leslie! THE DU-TONES!!! Did I'm tells you I'm ruv's yoo looong time?! I'm really do!!!


Nancy said...

I do believe, even Sr. doesn't think the plan will work, and so, has distanced himself, making Jr. the scapegoat.