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I have only one response to this, and that is this. 'Nuff said.

For all you guys who ever needed an excuse, memorize this phrase: "alternating intermittent exotropia." (I'm pretty sure that this guy coined that handy medical term.)

One more thing you'll have to worry about if you're driving in or around Chicago any time during the next four years:
If you see a motorcade with police cars, black SUVs and guys with sunglasses talking into their cuffs, don't try to cut it off.

Baldilocks has a point:
I call on Captain John S. McCain, USN (ret.), Republican, Senior Senator from Arizona, to put a stop to the public smearing of your erstwhile running mate, Governor Sarah L. Palin, Republican from Alaska.
I don't care what your political affiliation, this is just sour grapes and crappy politics. At a time when the Republican party should be facing the fact that they have serious work to do to regain credibility with their base, there is no place for this junior high back-biting. It does nothing to help their image.

Mr. McCain, it's time to put a halt to this. It's those ribs that should be barbequed; not your former running mate.

P.S. -- This is disingenuous and self-serving, but it doesn't work because she smirks her way through the entire interview. Can you say "bitter bitch"?

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Richmond said...

The media's treatment of Sarah Palin has really made me sick at heart. She deserves sooooo much better...