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Meme Meme Meme...

The Redneck has an interesting meme that I haven't seen anybody else answer:

Ok, lets say your ol’ lady leaves you, well, let me rephrase, your spouse leaves you, what songs would touch you, what songs would you listen to. Waht songs would make you realize that you actually might be somewhat of an ass? And what songs would you play for her/him to let ‘em know you were sorry and try to get ‘em to come back? Tough meme no?

I don't have an "old lady" (sorry -- wrong sex) but I've been on the wrong side of love... so here goes:

1. One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

2. One Step Forward and Two Steps Back (different song altogether!)

3. Shame on Me

4. Someone Must Feel Like a Fool Tonight

5. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

6. Jolene

There ya go.


og said...

"this old cowboy", Marshall Tucker Band.

Maeve said...

My hub says "our" song is now "She f*ck'n hates me" by Puddle of Mud.
(It was Sea of Love when we got married).

Anonymous said...

A Little Gasoline

Sure, it's sung by a chick, but she is kinda butch.